Adam Soucy

Drummer, Percussionist & Session Player


I can remember being 14 years old, playing in a packed nightclub with my post-hardcore band, and the intoxicating experience of hearing the lyrics to songs we wrote being sung back to us. There was no better feeling in the world, and nothing else I wanted to do more.

My passion for music has become a lifestyle; a never-ending search for new challenges and inspirations. The drive to constantly find new ways to grow and improve pushed me to get a music degree and try my hand at every musical situation I possibly could along the way. I've been packed into the corner of a jazz club at midnight, stood behind a set of timpani with a string orchestra, played into the early hours of the morning in countless studio sessions, and everything in between. 

I put my all into everything that I do, and approach every project I engage in from the perspective of the listener, focusing on making creative choices that suit the music, above all else.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Hemmer


Artists I've had the pleasure of making music with:

Anna Madsen    Ashley Howard-White    Blair Leavitt    Bonus Cat    Brooks Young Band    Daniel Costa    Dale Newman    Eli Autry    Elsewhere    Florie Namir    Horns Become Halos    Jenna Lotti    Lost At Home    LUX    Major Moment    Nathan Roy     Paola Bennet     RCX     Roger Weeks     Sold Under Sin     The Tripping Souls     Western Education



"Creative, intuitive, and hard working. Watching Adam as both a session musician and performer on my projects was extremely rewarding and refreshing. He is one of the best drummers I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

- Anna Madsen

"Adam is truly a unicorn among a myriad of musicians for hire! He has tremendous natural ability as well as a relentless work ethic that is peerless among the other session guys in the {Boston] area."

- Micheal Aroian of Elsewhere

"Adam is my go-to percussionist/drummer for any situation or gig, and I would trust him with my music-life."

- Greg Alexandropoulos of Western Education

"Adam is the consummate pro... detail oriented, precise, thoughtful, and great with instructions." 

- Daniel Costa